BETHLEHEM, PA — November 10, 2023 — Rotating Machinery Services, Inc. (RMS) today announced the acquisition of Plant Process Machine Works LLC (PPMW). 

This acquisition combines RMS’s industry-leading rotating equipment support with Plant Process Machine Works’ experienced staff of reciprocating compressor experts to offer customers a complete solution for all of their compression needs. The addition of PPMW to the RMS portfolio allows RMS to offer the same engineered solutions our rotating equipment customers have come to expect to our new customer base of reciprocating compressor operators. The additional product offerings PPMW brings to RMS will be available to customers around the world who will now experience RMS’s support for their fleets of reciprocating compressors.

The acquisition of Plant Process Machine Works represents a significant milestone for Rotating Machinery Services, as it aligns with the company’s commitment to offer a comprehensive solution to our customers in the compression industry. PPMW has established itself as an industry leader in reciprocating compressor repair, with a track record of providing reliable high-quality service and support.

This transaction brings together two well-established service providers to offer our customers a wider range of expertise. PPMW has built an impeccable reputation over the years for its innovative approach to reciprocating compressor services. PPMW’s expertise is highly complementary to RMS’s existing offerings, creating exciting new opportunities for our expanded customer base.

John Bartos CEO of Rotating Machinery Services explains, “We are thrilled to welcome PPMW to the RMS family. RMS is pleased to offer our customers a total plant solution for all of their compression needs. This acquisition aligns perfectly with our long-term vision of becoming the global leader in providing cutting-edge rotating machinery solutions. PPMW’s track record of excellence in reciprocating compressors will enable us to expand the range of products and services we offer to our customers.”

This acquisition combines the experienced rotating equipment staff of RMS with experts in the overhaul and upgrade of reciprocating compressors at PPMW. Plant Process Machine Works is well-established in the reciprocating compressor industry and has spent a great deal of time supporting customers’ critical compression machinery.

“We are excited about this new chapter for PPMW,” Willie King founder of PPMW, “Joining forces with Rotating Machinery Services presents an incredible opportunity for us to reach new heights in servicing and support of reciprocating compressors. Joining RMS allows PPMW to stay true to our core beliefs and better service our customers thanks to the support of the competent staff at RMS. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to better serve our customers and take on even more ambitious projects”

This acquisition is a testament to Rotating Machinery Services’ dedication to growth, innovation, and delivering unmatched value to its customers. Both companies are enthusiastic about the prospects of this union and look forward to working together to set new industry standards.

About Rotating Machinery Services

RMS was established in 1998 with the vision to reinvent the concept of an aftermarket turbomachinery business and provide global engineering, repair, and maintenance services to the rotating equipment supporting critical infrastructure. RMS ensures the continuous reliable & safe operation of large industrial rotating equipment essential to the energy, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining, and steel industries. RMS is the OEM for AC Compressor and CONMEC turbomachinery and serves as an alternative source for aftermarket engineered solutions & service to all other nameplates of rotating equipment.

About Plant Process Machine Works

PPMW is a leading reciprocating compressor service and engineering company known for its expertise in delivering high-quality reciprocating compressor engineered solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, PPMW has established itself as a trusted partner in various industries.