In response to a refining customer’s urgent need to minimize downtime during an outage of their Clark 3M centrifugal compressor, RMS embarked on a pioneering project leveraging digital technologies. This case study delves into how RMS, through its innovative Virtual Assembly service, played a pivotal role in reducing the turnaround duration by over 60%, ultimately leading to increased site uptime.

Facing the challenge of historic downtime during compressor outages, the Ethylene Plant customer approached RMS with a specific goal: to expedite the turnaround process and bring their ethylene plant back online faster than ever before. Recognizing the need for a transformative approach, RMS mobilized its Metrology Team to implement cutting-edge solutions.

RMS’s Virtual Assembly service became the cornerstone of this digital transformation endeavor. The service seamlessly integrated advanced measuring tools and critical fitment data management to optimize the turnaround process.

RMS Virtual Assembly Schedule

The Metrology Team employed state-of-the-art measuring tools to perform a detailed 3D scan of the spare rotor, creating a precise digital replica. RMS used these high-precision files to check all critical dimensions and complete the virtual assembly process to ensure proper fitment and reduce turnaround duration. Leveraging RMS’s Virtual Assembly service, the rotor was pre-built with spare seals and bearings, ensuring a ready-to-install configuration. Advanced measuring tools were used to digitally map the compressor casing internals, providing comprehensive insights into the condition of internal components.

The Virtual Assembly process allowed for a meticulous virtual assembly of the spare rotor into the compressor casing, enabling precise adjustments of internal clearances. With internal adjustments completed digitally, the fully assembled rotor was lifted into the casing in a single operation, minimizing the risk of errors.

The culmination of these digital interventions resulted in an unprecedented reduction of over 60% in the turnaround duration compared to historical outages. To enhance documentation and traceability, RMS utilized the Modest Tree digital job pack, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

RMS Modest Tree

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Drastic reduction in turnaround duration, exceeding the customer’s expectations.
  • Increased site uptime, allowing the customer to resume operations in record time.
  • Cost savings through efficient resource utilization and minimized downtime.
  • Enhanced documentation and data traceability for future reference.

RMS’s successful deployment of the Virtual Assembly Process showcases the profound impact that digital transformation can have on turbomachinery turnaround processes. By combining advanced measuring tools with meticulous data management, RMS not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in the industry. To learn more about how RMS can support your turnarounds, reach out to your local RMS sales representative for more information.