In February of 2020, a group of RMS employees traveled to Alberta Canada to hold two full-day rotating machinery training sessions focused on Turbomachinery design, operation, and maintenance. The RMS team traveled first to Calgary followed by a session in Edmonton. RMS’ group of experienced presenters spent an entire day sharing their knowledge and connecting with attendees on specific questions during these events.

RMS chose to hold these all-day training events in close proximity to our customers, which allowed more individuals to attend these valuable sessions. The strong turn out to both sessions saw our meeting rooms filled to capacity with a group of dedicated rotating machinery experts who worked together to share knowledge and further the field that we deeply care for. It was especially inspiring to see the large group of next-generation engineers who fielded many of our session’s thought-provoking questions.

Presenters covered Centrifugal Compressors, Steam Turbines, Power Turbines, and Field Service. When it comes to Centrifugal compressors the presenter covered all aspects of: Performance, Start-Up, Variance Based on Gases, Surge, Thrust, Types Components, Installation, Operation, Monitoring & Maintenance. The Steam Turbine Presentation included: Principles of Operation, Types of Steam Turbines, Components, Maintenance. Power Turbines were specially examined: Hot Gas Path Components, Maintenance, Repair. Ended with Field Service Planning, Execution, Documentation Requirements, Commissioning, and Hardware.

Each presenter took this training as an opportunity to share real-world examples experienced during their extensive careers. These examples were a key training tool that allowed the presenters to further explain the principals of rotating machinery with tangible scenarios. Attendees also provided experiences that allowed the group to speak together about solutions they’ve used in the past to overcome various obstacles.

In addition to RMS’ presenters, our channel partners from Blackstone were on site to share their capabilities and how this factors into RMS’ Canadian presence. The Blackstone presenters were able to share information about their experienced staff and well-appointed shop location where RMS is capable of performing critical machinery repairs under the supervision of an RMS engineer.