December 2019 – Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) and the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) have entered into an agreement whereby NDTL shall provide testing services for equipment refurbished and redesigned by RMS.  According to John Bartos, RMS’ CEO “This partnership is a significant step forward in RMS’ vision to be the premier aftermarket services solution for the widest range of turbomachinery customers.  The ability to offer our clients the option of running their equipment on a test stand after repairs or upgrades can provide a level of security and confidence that is not currently typical in this industry.”

Per Adam Hernandez, Product Manager for Oil Free Screw (OFS) Compressors at RMS “This agreement arose out of necessity.  Given the precise operating tolerances of OFS machines, it is very common to require mechanical testing at the conclusion of a machine overhaul.  Our partnership with NDTL enables us to seamlessly provide this important service.”  In fact, the first machine tested at NDTL was an AC Compressor 200L OFS compressor.  However, given NDTL’s vast capabilities, the partnership will enable future testing of RMS’ full range of service offerings including single-stage and multistage centrifugal compressors, axial compressors, expanders and steam turbines.

Jeff Lovelady, Engineering Fellow at RMS, is very enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie beyond just the testing of reworked equipment.  “NDTL offers so much more in terms of benefits than just a place to test our customers’ equipment.  They are a world-class research and analytics laboratory. Given RMS’ literal centuries of field-proven turbomachinery experience and NDTL’s intellectual horsepower, we’ll be able to collaborate to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our customers’ most challenging aerodynamic and mechanical/reliability requirements through this relationship.  This partnership really takes RMS’ already strong engineering capabilities to the next level.”

Dirk Paraschos, Vice President of Operations for RMS, also served as the program leader to put all of the parts in place between RMS and NDTL.  Dirk commented on what it was like in the early phases of working with NDTL.  “I have to say that the working relationship with NDTL has been one of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced.  Not only is the NDTL team experts in their field, they’re also quite practical. They’re problem solvers.  Working together, we’ve been able to completely transform one of their test cells from a dedicated research laboratory to a quick-response production test cell in quite a remarkably short period.  This bodes quite well for necessity of rapidly responding to our industry’s needs.”

Joshua Cameron, Director of NDTL, commented on the importance of the relationship between NDTL and RMS.  “NDTL was established to research, test and develop new technologies for aero-propulsion and land-based power generation gas turbine products.  It had always been our strategic vision to enter into the oil, gas and industrial sector as well.  Our agreement with RMS has quickly enabled us to realize that vision given the diverse array of machinery that they work on.”

RMS was established in 1998 with the vision to reinvent the concept of an aftermarket turbomachinery business. The goal was to provide Turbomachinery operators with unparalleled service based on established relationships, solid engineering and technical expertise—all backed by responsiveness in competitive prices and lead times.

RMS is headquartered in a 42,000-square-foot engineering and manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. We have expanded to include a comprehensive 64,000-square-foot turbomachinery repair and service center in Houston.

In 2018 RMS acquired the businesses of AC Compressor and CONMEC, giving RMS the unique positioning of serving as both the aftermarket provider of ACC service as well as the ability to service a broad range of multi-OEM turbomachinery.

The Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) is a 25,000 square foot facility located in South Bend , Indiana’s Ignition Park. This world-class turbomachinery research and testing facility studies and tests components for the gas turbine engines that are used by commercial and military aircraft, power plants, and the oil and gas industry.

The NDTL team provides a full suite of design and procurement services, including 3D modeling and design, analysis, mechanical drawings and fabrication, supply chain management, assembly and installation, component integration, and maintenance. It is available to Notre Dame researchers, other academic institutions, government, and industry.