BETHLEHEM, PA — 2023 — Rotating Machinery Services, Inc. today announced an alliance with Howden Maintenance Partners to service hot gas and nitric acid  expanders in Europe and the Middle East.

This signed agreement combines Rotating Machinery Services’ (RMS) industry-leading Hot Gas Expander expertise and technology with the skilled, local repair capability of Howden Maintenance Partners (HMP) to better service customers within European and Middle East (EMENA) region. RMS’s world-class equipment knowledge, engineering and component sourcing combined with HMP’s proven repair capabilities in Europe will assure the flawless overhaul and repair of both Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) and Nitric Acid Expanders. RMS and HMP have previously collaborated and both organizations feel this is a natural partnership that will enable a process that brings greater reliability and maintainability, and equipment performance for their customers.

John Bartos, Chief Executive Officer of Rotating Machinery Services explains, “This collaboration allows RMS to provide our decades of experience with FCC and Nitric Acid Expanders to customers in the European theater that prefer to have their equipment serviced in Belgium. RMS is proud to work with the exceptional team at Howden Maintenance Partners. Both RMS and Howden Maintenance Partners share a culture committed to quality solutions for our customers and minimizing the long-term cost of ownership of critical rotating equipment.”

Wim Schelfaut, Managing Director and Director Regional Development at HMP added, “RMS and Howden Maintenance Partners have worked well together for many years on a supplier-customer basis. By strengthening the cooperation through this agreement, we combine the expertise of RMS with the field service and workshop capabilities at Howden Maintenance Partners. This creates a European centre of excellence for expanders that allows us to improve the efficiency and reliability of the customer’s production process.”

“The collaboration between HMP and RMS means that customers with the EMENA region now have Expander Service backed by RMS, the global leader in FCC and Nitric Acid Expanders, and Howden Maintenance Partners, Belgium-based ISO 9001:2015 certified workshop.”

Dan Jones Vice President of International Sales at RMS goes on to say, “Our mission is to provide customers with RMS’ proven engineering expertise, hardware and guidance coupled with fast execution at a European facility.  RMS will be responsible for the technical aspects of the repair and Expander services while the Howden Maintenance Partners team will execute the shop work. All repairs will be in accordance with RMS standards and backed by RMS.”

 About Rotating Machinery Services

RMS was established in 1998 with the vision to reinvent the concept of an aftermarket turbomachinery business and provides global engineering, repair, and maintenance services to the rotating equipment supporting critical infrastructure. RMS ensures the continuous reliable & safe operation of large industrial rotating equipment essential to the energy, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining, and steel industries. RMS is the OEM for AC Compressor and CONMEC turbomachinery,  the OEM for the former Siemens Hot Gas FCCU Expander line, and serves as an alternative source for aftermarket engineered solutions & service to all other nameplates of rotating equipment.

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About Howden Maintenance Partners

Maintenance Partners, founded in 2001, is a leading provider of aftermarket services focused on the maintenance, repair and overhaul of industrial compressors, pumps, electric motors, blowers, steam turbines and generators of any brand. Headquartered in Belgium, Maintenance Partners serves principally European and North African customers in the Industrial, Thermal Renewables and Petrochemical, Oil and Gas markets. Maintenance Partners was acquired by Howden in 2021 and is now one of Howden’s European aftermarket Service Centres, providing responsive local service for all needs.

Howden Maintenance Partners is a highly flexible provider of aftermarket services, backed by world-leading OEM Howden. The company combines workshop and field services and extensive engineering capabilities, to improve the reliability of rotating equipment and turbomachinery.

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