BETHLEHEM, PA — April 10, 2023 — Rotating Machinery Services, Inc. (RMS) today announced the addition of the “RMS Pearland Works” to its two existing Houston-based service & manufacturing facilities.  RMS Pearland Works increases production capacity and provides new state-of-the-art capabilities to the existing RMS infrastructure. This announcement is associated with the recent partnership agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International released on April 5th.

The RMS Pearland Works facility adds 45,000 sqft of specialized rotating equipment service capacity and demonstrates RMS’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible care.  This industry-leading resource includes the latest in machining and balance capabilities backed by a professional staff of rotating equipment specialists. Customers can expect the same world-class support at the RMS Pearland Works location that they’ve come to expect from RMS’s existing portfolio of ISO9001:2015 certified service centers.

The RMS Pearland Works location capabilities include 5-Axis milling, automated sub-arc welding, and even larger balance & overspeed equipment, while augmenting RMS’s current arsenal of CNC milling and machining equipment. The staff at RMS Pearland Works is comprised of rotating equipment experts who will execute the inspection, repair, and upgrade of all types of rotating equipment backed by RMS’s world-class engineering team.

“This new facility further solidifies RMS’s dedication to providing the entire rotating equipment industry with premier engineered solutions and support”, said Dirk Paraschos, COO of RMS. “We look forward to continuing to serve our current customers in our newest location while welcoming more customers thanks to this added capacity.”

“With this increase in capacity, RMS can now offer an expanded portfolio of services while delivering exceptional results with reduced lead times”, explained Matthew Miller, Vice President of Operations at RMS. “We look forward to welcoming in customers for visits to see all that RMS has to offer at this new site.”

The RMS Pearland Works service center is located at 14887 Hooper Street Pearland, TX 77047, sharing the campus with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International’s Pearland campus. Please contact your local RMS sales representative to arrange a visit to RMS’s newest facility.

Rotating Machinery Services, Inc. (RMS) was established in 1998 with the vision to reinvent the concept of an aftermarket turbomachinery business. RMS provides global engineering, repair, and maintenance services to the rotating equipment supporting critical infrastructure. RMS ensures the continuous reliable and safe operation of large industrial rotating equipment essential to the energy, petrochemical, food and beverage, mining, and steel industries. RMS is the OEM for AC Compressor and CONMEC equipment and supports customers in four ISO9001:2015 certified service centers.