RMS was recently contacted by a refinery customer that experienced a catalyst reversal that catastrophically damaged their IR axial compressor main air blower due to a faulty downstream check valve. The event destroyed all blades on the rotor, and stationaries, and caused numerous cracks in the casing.

RMS Axial Compressor Repair

The casing was also filled with catalyst and had to be completely cleaned before inspections could commence. The RMS team worked to quickly assess the damage and create a repair plan to get the customer back online.

Upon arrival at RMS, the team opened the casing and removed the catalyst storing it in drums for the customer. Inspection work commenced where LPI work revealed numerous larger cracks in the casing. The customer did not have a spare casing and needed this machine to get their site back up and running.

The RMS team used metal stitching to repair the cast iron casing since weld repair was not an option. This cut down the project’s lead significantly time since the only other option was to build a new casing. While the casing repair proceeded, RMS worked to check balance the customer’s spare rotor and prepare all other spare parts for service. The casing metal stitching repair was completed and RMS worked around the clock to complete the assembly of the unit with the spare rotor, and stationary flow path components.

RMS Axial Compressor Repair Casing Metal Stitching

RMS delivered the repaired IR Axial after less than 5 weeks of working around the clock to get the customer’s site back online. This repaired unit allowed the customer to restart their facility with minimal downtime thanks to the dedication of the RMS team.

overhauled IR Axial Compressor