RMS was approached by a New York City-based customer to inspect their Murray KD7 steam turbine used in their HVAC system. The steam turbine rotor was visually inspected, blast cleaned, NDT’d and the rotor check balanced at RMS’ Bethlehem shop under engineering supervision. After completing the required inspections, the RMS team found several repair opportunities to ensure this steam turbine experienced a future of reliable operation.

RMS’ inspection found foreign object damage to the steam turbine rotor and diaphragms that cause numerous imperfections. Minor rubbing on both the plain end and thrust end journals was also found during the inspection along with Pipe wrench marks on the coupling end of the shaft.

To remedy the issues found during the inspection, RMS Hand dressed the blades to remove dings, nicks, and foreign object damage. The team also polished both bearing journals and all inter-stage seal areas. The rotor was balanced to 4W/N at the RMS shop to ensure trouble-free operation.

To repair the damage found on the diaphragms, the RMS shop team Hand dressed and blended erosion and pitting of the vanes. The shop also focused on repairing the foreign object damage found on the diaphragms before hand dressing the seal faces and split line areas.

Upon completion of these repairs, the rotor and diaphragms were preserved and shipped back to the customer ready for years of trouble-free operation. The RMS steam turbine engineering team is ready to tackle jobs of all sizes to keep your steam turbine running at peak efficiency.