RMS Spare Parts Kit Box In Quality Check

Organized, Protected, Customized – RMS Kit Boxes

RMS spare parts kit box services offer customers an organized, protected, and customized solution to store and manage their spare parts inventory. These tailored kit boxes facilitate the optimal management of spare parts ensuring the correct part is easy to find and in the proper condition for use. The RMS team utilizes engineering expertise and experience managing customer’s spare parts inventory to build the bespoke kit box solution for your application.

Before the kit box design process can start, the RMS commercial team works to understand the type of kit box that a customer prefers. Options range from a metal job site toolbox to a Pelican-style protective case for water and airtight storage.

Next, RMS works with the customer to choose exactly what parts to store in the customized kit box. Spare parts stored can range from complete bearings or bearing parts, seal components, gaskets and o rings, fasteners, couplings, or any other critical spare part and tooling required for the turbomachinery overhaul.

RMS Spare Parts Kit Box Filled

The kit box design process starts with our RMS design team along with qualified suppliers to layout the configuration of the parts within the box to maximize utilization of the space. Kit boxes are custom-designed for a customer’s exact needs. The inserts are made specifically for the dimensions of the items to be stored and the parts are clearly labeled with the name and part number. RMS also includes the applicable assembly drawing and bill of material to assure that the correct parts are available when needed.

In addition to protecting and organizing spare parts, an additional benefit of kitting critical spare parts and tooling is the ease with which they can be managed. Following a turnaround, the entire box can be returned to our RMS facility for inventory, inspection, and replenishment for the next overhaul event. In addition, RMS can offer storage options for customer kit boxes. The efficient management and replenishing of critical spare parts mean customers can easily manage critical spares promptly.

RMS Spare Parts Kit Box close up

Kit box size and composition are adaptable to customer requests thanks to the flexibility of our design team and qualified suppliers. Size is only limited by the ability to handle the box. They are designed to be maneuvered by forklifts or lifted to their point of use on the job site compressor deck. Boxes can optionally support features such as humidity monitoring, airtight, and watertight design elements to ensure the stability of stored components.

Kit boxes give peace of mind knowing that all of the required spare parts are on hand, inspected for quality, and available in one place. It simplifies parts management.