Customer satisfaction is critical to RMS’ success.  To address customer concerns in the RMS Oil Free Screw Business, the engineering team has been reorganized to achieve our commitment of on time delivery with the highest possible quality.  To achieve that mission, RMS is also pleased to introduce new additions to our Oil Free Screw Engineering Team. The OFS Engineering team now offers over 100 years of combined experience in the repair, maintenance, fabrication, and engineering of Oil Free Screw Compressors and their related systems. This passionate team of Oil Free Screw experts is ready to serve RMS customers and is committed to delivering quality from start to finish.

Meet The Team


RMS Oil Free Screw Compressor engineer Bill Egan

William Egan Technical Director – Oil Free Screw Compressor

With over 25 years of Oil Free Screw experience, Bill is recognized as a global expert on Oil Free Screw Compressors. Bill holds multiple patents on Oil Free Screw Compressors as well as other compressor patents. Having designed most of the AC/GE Oil Free Screw fleet, Bill has a keen understanding of our customer needs and the technical requirements necessary to provide customers the best solutions to keep their equipment running at peak performance.

Bill spent a portion of his career at Dresser-Rand working with the AXI Oil Free Screw Compressors, as well as the last 5 years at Howden, developing their existing Oil Free Screw product range as their North American Product Leader and Technical Director. Bill looks forward to the opportunity to work on multi OEM Oil Free Screw Compressors and is especially excited to meet other users who are as passionate about these machines as he is.


RMS Oil Free Screw Compressor engineer Russ AertsRussell Aerts Product Director – Oil Free Screw Compressor 

Russ spent the last 25 years in the oil and gas industry and 19 years linked to the oil free screw product line. Russ started his career as an Application Engineer with AC Compressor where he ran performance selections, developed quotes, attended technical clarification meetings, and finalized commercial negotiations. Russ was involved in the initial sale of many of the AC Compressor Oil Free Screw Compressor installations and looks forward to working with these machines again. Russ also held roles in Project Management, Project Engineering, Sales, and 2 years as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

When Russ started with AC Compressor, the engineering offices, the shop, and the test facility were all on the same campus. This provided him a unique opportunity to quickly gain hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of the equipment. It also presented the opportunity to receive direct feedback from the shop workers and technicians working on the equipment.

Russ looks forward to working with RMS’ impressive collection of talent within the oil-free screw product line, which is perhaps unmatched in the industry, and allows RMS to offer a total solution to our customer’s Oil Free Screw Compressor needs. Whether the customer’s issues are mechanical, rotordynamic, vibration, acoustic, systems, controls, etc., RMS is equipped to help. The experience possessed by the RMS Oil Free Screw Compressor Team has been earned in the field working side-by-side with the end user.

 RMS Oil Free Screw Compressor engineer Joe Vanden Oever

Joseph Vanden Oever – Principal Engineer

Joe has over 28 years of design experience focused on auxiliary equipment supporting Oil Free Screw Compressors and Centrifugal Compressors in the API and non-API markets. The customers that use Oil Free Screw Compressors have very specific requirements and our ability to implement these requirements provides exciting design challenges.

The Oil Free Screw Compressor Team feels very strongly about meeting directly with our customers and understanding how they use this equipment, which has allowed us to make sure our designs best suit their applications. Joe looks forward to continuing his career at RMS.



 RMS OFS Engineer Jeff Lovelady


Jeff Lovelady, Engineering Fellow

Jeff offers over 32 years of rotating equipment engineering experience and specialization in Oil Free Screw Engineering. This enables RMS to offer superior solutions tailored to the customer’s specific machine. Jeff graduated from Texas A&M University with both a Mechanical Engineering BSME Degree and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jeff’s Oil Free Screw focused career makes him an expert on these important machines and he looks forward to continue working with RMS’ Oil Free Screw Compressor customers with the newly expanded Oil Free Screw Compressor team.



 OFS Designer Tom Propson


Thomas Propson, Senior Designer, Oil Free Screw Compressor

Tom has over 30 years of design experience primarily focused on the oil and gas industry, 18 years specifically working with the A-C Compressor Oil-Free Screw Compressor product line. Tom works closely with project managers, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, machinists, and assembly personnel to evaluate, improve, and execute designs. The entire RMS Oil-Free Screw Compressor team is focused on designing and supporting the best Oil-Free Screw Compressors in the World.




The Future of RMS’ Oil Free Screw Compressor Product Offerings

The dedicated Oil Free Screw Compressor Team allows for the focus on the unique traits and details that define Oil Free Screw Compressor engineering. The Oil Free Screw Compressor Team prides itself on delivering uncompromised quality and technical support. Extensive experience allows the team to meet any design, repair or refurbishment needs customers may have.

When Working with RMS, Customers Can Expect:

  • A deeper understanding of the Oil Free Screw Compressor. Oil-free screw compressors are a niche product and therefore few people fully understand their operation as in-depth as the newly formed RMS team.
  • A strong desire to understand the root cause of any issues and a commitment to fixing them.
  • The expanded engineering team should lead to faster response times for RMS’ Oil Free Screw Compressor customers.
  • Direct contact with qualified engineers.

Our customers will be directly engaged with the RMS representatives working on their projects. Direct communications are critical to ensure customer needs are met and any concerns are resolved quickly and efficiently. The Oil Free Screw Compressor Team looks forward to building close working relationships with RMS’ Oil Free Screw Compressor customers to ensure decades of reliable service. Training is available on any aspect of Oil Free Screw Compressors and is offered to all RMS customers upon request.

RMS’ OFS team looks forward to working with our customers in the near future to leverage their unique backgrounds and passion for Oil Free Screw Compressor Engineering.

RMS Contact Area of Responsibility
Russ Business Development, Proposal Creation, Customer Service, New Units
Bill Proposal Review, Flow Parts and Engineering Support, New Parts and Assemblies
Joe Seal, Control and Auxiliary Systems, Test Support
Jeff Inspection, Repair and Overhauls, Product Upgrades and Modifications, Rerates, Field Service and Installation Support