Rotating Machinery Services (“RMS”) is pleased to announce the opening of its Appleton, Wisconsin office. In addition to providing the full range of aftermarket turbomachinery services, the office specializes in aftermarket services for the ex-AC Compressor line of centrifugal compressors.

This highly-experienced group of engineers and technicians has extensive experience with the former AC Compressor product line; specifically, AC Compressor mechanical design, performance, aerodynamic, and service experience. With their strong OEM background, the group provides a level of skill that is missing in the current marketplace. Ryan Rottier, General Manager, said, “We have put together a strong group that customers will immediately recognize as the go-to team for their aftermarket AC Compressor needs.”

The office opened its doors on February 15, 2016. Contact your RMS Sales Manager, or either office at: 484-821-0702