RMS’ South Houston MEPCO Shop continues to be a critical growth center for RMS’ traditional offering of critical turbomachinery repair while offering customers an expanded portfolio of services. The depth of the RMS MEPCO Shop’s expertise and breadth of experience has expanded RMS’ footprint and capabilities for our industry-leading engineered repairs.

The RMS MEPCO Shop spans 67,000 FT2 of air-conditioned shop space home to a specialized workforce of rotating machinery experts. With a 50-ton crane capacity and full machine shop, RMS MEPCO has the in house capacity to augment RMS’ robust supply chain to handle jobs of any size and complexity. RMS MEPCO boasts low-speed balance capabilities to exacting tolerances with capacity up to 40,000lbs, and for fabrication or weld repair we use our experienced welders certified in metals ranging from A-36 plate up to Grade 7 Titanium.  On-site blasting, Third-party NDT, and a compressor clean room make the RMS MEPCO shop the premier destination for rotating machinery excellence.


The RMS MEPCO Shop draws on decades of Multi-OEM Compressor experience from both shop personnel and dedicated engineers. RMS’ hands-on engineering approach is a cornerstone of the compressor work taking place at the South Houston Shop. With the capacity to work on large Axial, Centrifugal, and Oil Free Screw compressors, the RMS MEPCO shop taps into decades of RMS engineering experience. The RMS MEPCO Shop also works on Reciprocating, Seal less Diaphragm, Process Gas, liquid ring, and Flare Gas compressors. Every compressor no matter the size or configuration benefits from RMS’ experienced and specialized team members who have decades of experience working on these critical machines.


The RMS MEPCO Facility has dedicated areas specific to the repair and overhaul of multi-OEM pumps. Staffed with decades of pump experience, these mechanical specialists spend their days practicing their craft on pumps of all configurations. Our team works on Vertical, Horizontally split, reciprocating, overhung, slurry, pipeline, quench oil, positive displacement, DWE Salt Circulators, and Multi-stage pumps. RMS MEPCO is also home to a team of Sundyne pump experts with over 20 years of experience upgrading and repairing these units to better than new condition.


Centrifuges have been part of the MEPCO portfolio for over 30 years and our experienced team offers RMS’ quality service for all your centrifuge needs. Our team works on Batch Type, Density Separators, Disc Stacked, and Vertical and Horizontal Decanters of all makes and models.

Steam Turbines

The RMS MEPCO shop offers engineered repairs and overhauls of steam turbines from all OEMs. The RMS MEPCO shop is able to accommodate steam turbines of any size from 50 hp up to 20,000 hp. In addition to the overhaul and repair of steam turbines, RMS MEPCO can maintain and repair trip and throttle valves offering solutions that ensure your entire system is running at peak performance.


In addition to trip and throttle valves, RMS MEPCO works on double block and bleed valves from all OEMs. With a service history spanning decades, RMS MEPCO is ready to offer the high-quality valves service

Mixers and Thin Film Evaporators

RMS MEPCO provides Multi-OEM support for Mixers and Thin Film Evaporators. All types of Thin Film Evaporators are supported including Vertical and Horizontal designs. All configurations of Mixers and Blending equipment are supported as well as high and low-speed gearboxes. The shop offers stacking pits and crane rail heights as well.


Multi-OEM Blower support based at RMS’ MEPCO facility allows RMS to offer the quality engineered Blower repairs and overhauls. RMS can service several blower types which include Centrifugal, Lobe, Vacuum Pumps, Forced Draft Fans, Over Hung, and Between Bearing.


RMS MEPCO shop is conveniently located in the South Houston area and ready to serve our customers with timely turnaround services. Our experienced engineering team and seasoned shop staff understand what it takes to complete a turnaround on critical rotating machinery and use their years of experience to produce the quality results RMS is known for. Our combination of an accomplished staff, a capable facility, and a convenient location make RMS’ MEPCO location the perfect location to complete critical turnarounds.