RMS received an order from a mining customer for a new A-C Compressor D48JR steam compressor package to fulfill a need for their plant expansion project.  The compressor is part of the steam process used in production.  The new compressor will help the customer boost their output capacity to meet higher demands for its products.

The steam compressor package consists of a complete drive train, mounting skid, and lubricating oil system.  The D48JR compressor is a single-stage overhung compressor with a 55” diameter open-wheel impeller.  The physical size of this compressor is impressive, standing 12 ft tall from the bottom of the casing to the top of the discharge flange, and weighs approximately 40,000 lbs!  The lubricating oil system is a standalone package providing approximately 40 GPM of oil to the rotating equipment bearings.

RMS designed this custom compressor package based on requirements defined by the customer.  Compressor operating conditions were evaluated for optimum compressor efficiency, and the compressor was designed around these conditions.  Detailed specifications were created for the major components of the package and key strategic suppliers were selected to supply these components.  Assembly of the compressor package was completed in two manufacturing facilities.  The large physical size of the compressor prevents it from being mounted on the same base as the motor and gear.  It is shipped separate from the base and coupled to the gear in the field.  The compressor was assembled in the RMS Houston facility and the motor/gear baseplate and lubrication system were assembled at one of RMS’s key suppliers, all under the diligent supervision of RMS experienced staff.

The compressor and package components will be shipped to the site where the customer, along with RMS’s experienced field service staff, will assemble the package on the customer’s pre-fabricated foundation.  After assembling all the interconnecting steam and lube oil piping, and verifying control systems, the compressor package will be commissioned and ready for production.

All A-C Compressor Centrifugal Compressors are custom designed to meet specific customer operating conditions, resulting in the most efficient compressor possible.  As customer processes change, compressor conditions typically change as well, leading to less efficient operation.  If the operating parameters change significantly, the compressor can be re-rated to bring the operation back to the most efficient point possible.  RMS specializes in compressor re-rates, upgrades, and new compressor designs to meet a wide variety of custom process applications.  Contact one of RMS’s sales representatives to see how we can improve your compressor operations or expand your plant capabilities.