Nitric Acid Expander at RMS for an overhaul
Nitric Acid Expander in for inspection at RMS.

By Sydney Gross

RMS’s decades of experience supporting Multi-OEM Nitric Acid Expanders are key components in our ability to offer industry-leading engineered solutions. Nitric Acid Expanders are critical pieces of machinery that undergo a large amount of stress during operation making it very crucial that all repair and maintenance work is conducted with the highest quality solutions available. RMS understands what is required to keep your Nitric Acid Expander running at peak performance during their extensive service intervals and our attention to detail and experience are essential to a successful build.

Multi-OEM Capabilities

Thanks to a deep catalog of engineering expertise and stock of advanced hardware and software, RMS offers its engineered solutions for every OEM of Nitric Acid Expanders. The ability to reverse engineer components allows RMS to support every Nitric Expander on the market with our engineered solutions tailored specifically for your expander.


Before taking on a Nitric Acid Expander repair, RMS can inspect and analyze critical parameters to determine the health of your Nitric Acid Expander.  Using advanced scanning tools experienced QC personnel can gather critical data about the current status of a Nitric Acid expander which allows our engineers to recommend repairs and replacements to keep your expander running at peak efficiency. Frequency, Rotordynamic, metallurgical, and Vibration analysis utilize RMS’ specialized equipment and personnel to gather critical data points. RMS is also able to analyze Performance, Failure, and the remaining life of an expander.

Engineered Repairs

With an experienced team of welders and machinist lead by our engineers, RMS is capable of completing the vital repairs needed to overhaul your Nitric Acid Expander. RMS offers repairs on the Inner and Outer Casing of Nitric Acid Expanders, Stators, and seals. Curvic grinding services are also available and round out RMS’ complete portfolio of Nitric Acid Expander repair offerings.

Upgrades and Rerates

RMS leverages its advanced engineering capabilities to rerate and upgrade existing Nitric Acid Expanders to better match ever-changing customer needs. Thanks to experienced engineers and cutting-edge modeling software, RMS can rerate Nitric Acid Expanders to modify the Power, Flow, and speed of an existing expander. RMS is also capable of upgrading your expander to offer greater reliability, performance, and control. This is thanks to the use of more advanced engineering and materials.


RMS is capable of providing Nitric Acid turn around support both in the shop our out in the field lead by an experienced RMS Engineering representative to oversee the operation. We offer assistance during every phase of a turnaround starting at the early stages of planning and ending at the final commissioning of a completed turnaround. 

RMS is here to serve all of your Nitric Acid Expander needs with our commitment to quality engineered repairs leading the way. From engineering studies to complete overhauls, RMS is ready to support your Nitric Acid Expander. To learn more about how RMS can serve your Nitric Acid Expander needs, contact your local RMS Sales Representative.